EMERALT@MBE - a short introduction
Technical data
EMERALT Command Line
Supported PC plug-in cards
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EMERALT@MBE - a short introduction

EMERALT@MBE is a powerful operation control software designed to realize everything from consolidated control functions to complex, shared control systems with high-speed feedback control. EMERALT@MBE enables you to design flexible and modular solutions for anything from a simple control system to a control network involving several devices.

Technical data

EMERALT@MBE software works on all IBM-compatible PCs using the operating system Windows2000. The operating speed of EMERALT@MBE software depends on the performance of the PCs involved. Thanks to its high flexibility, EMERALT@MBE software supports the configuration of almost all types of devices:

64 analog inputs (max. 512,16 bit resolution)
4 analog outputs (max. 64, 16 bit resolution)
144 digital inputs and outputs (max. 576)
16 full duplex serial RS-232C ports (max. 64)
IEEE-488.2 interface, transfer rate 1MB/s


Emeralt System


EMERALT software consists of several different components. The main component, called EMERALT Kernel, represents the services control point for all connected equipment. The EMERALT Kernel is a command line application, responsible for the communication among the connected devices through the relevant drivers.

EMERALT Command Line

The EMERALT Kernel is a command line application that can be used to interact with the EMERALT Kernel, i.e. send relevant instructions or commands to the EMERALT Kernel.


The programming language EMERALL is another important part of the EMERALT software.
EMERALL is composed of a pre-compiler and an interpreter. The C-like programming language is of very solid and simple structure, but at the same time it includes sophisticated regulation elements to run extensive control sequences. These enable the user to set up a program for frequently used or long-running procedures.
The EMERALL programming language is able to combine several different language elements into one. It allows to program command blocks in a way that they can be run several times in a row (loop construction). You may also, among others, inquire the current condition and react to the relevant returned values.
This programming language enables the user to operate the equipment any way required while having full control of the sequence of events.

EMERALL consists of the following language components:
Supervision of execution time
Realization of parallel processes
Synchronization of processes (program components that are being executed in parallel)
Communication of processes (program components that are being executed in parallel)
Based on C language

For a detailed description of the EMERALL syntax as well as instructions on the use of the compiler and the interpreter, please refer to our manual.


EMERALT GUI is the graphical user interface of the EMERALT Kernel. It visualizes the connected devices as well as their current condition. Each condition has been assigned a different color, so it can easily be identified whether the device is still working in the assigned area or whether an error has occurred. The EMERALT GUI includes a message window listing all commands executed and the relevant return values from the EMERALT Kernel. This enables the user to supervise whether or not the EMERALT Kernel has executed a command correctly.
All programs written with the internal EMERALL language can be compiled, started and terminated in a designated program window. All compiler messages will be displayed in the message window, so any possible syntax or compilation error can be detected immediately.

Supported PC plug-in cards:

Daq2000 by IOTECH
PCIDIO 96 by National Instruments
MOXA C216 by Moxa
MOXA C320Turbo Multiport Controller von Moxa
DAP Board 2416e by Microstar Laboratories
AXIOM AX5212 by Axiomtek
PCL-818L by Advantech
PCL-722 by Advantech
Personal488 by IOTECH

For data sheets showing the technical details please refer to the relevant manufacturers.

Supported devices

MKS PR4000 Pressure Controller by MKS Instruments
DSP 9001 Controller
IMS Stepper by Faberinc
Unidex 100 by Aerotech
Eurotherm EPC 900 by EUROTHERM
Eurotherm EPC 905D by EUROTHERM
Eurotherm EPC 2404 by EUROTHERM
Eurotherm EPC 2604 by EUROTHERM
Granville-Phillips Vacuum Process Controller 350
Granville-Phillips Vacuum Process Controller 307
Granville-Phillips Vacuum Process Controller 303
Ion Pump Controller Digitel MPC by TORVAC

For data sheets showing the technical details please refer to the relevant manufacturers.

Additional features

Connection to an existing ISA- or PCI-card via relevant driver
Further interfaces can be implemented if required
Interfaces for shared components to connect new software components to the EMERALT Kernel using CORBA standards
Graphical frontends for comfortable use with Win32 and Linux
A configuration file for the flexible adjustment of system parameters to individual requirements
A programable registration of time sequence of measurement data


The application requires the operating system Windows2000.
For smooth operation, we recommend to use a PC with a processing speed of at least 1 GHz, main storage of 256 MB and some GB free disk space.